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10K Shot Club

5K/10K Shot Club

The Rocket 5K/10K Shot Club.    

You will find shot tracking sheets below, that will need to be verified and signed by parents as they are completed.

Our challenge to the players is to see if they can reach the 5,000 Shot Club or better yet the 10,000 Shot Club this summer!

Submit your completed shot tracker form via e-mail or in person to by September 15!

Players that complete their sheets and reach the 5,000 or 10,000 shot goal will be recognized at halftime of the varsity game on youth night and be presented their reward at that time.

Todd Paulsen

Todd Paulsen

Associate Director

RAAA Webmaster

Riley Moran

10,000 Shots - 2018

10,000 Shots - 2019

Logan Vicino

10,794 Shots

Congratulations to our 5,000/10,000 Shot Club Members!

Congratulations to Riley Moran & Logan Vicino for joining the 10,000 Shot Club and to Kai Penney for reaching 5, 000 Shot Club!  Thank you for being committed to putting in the time and effort it takes to getting to these milestones.  Nice job guys!

Riley (10,000), Logan (10,794) & Kai (6,500) are the first RAAA basketball players to join the Rocket Sniper School 10,000/5,000 Shot Club.   With this program, the idea is to put the responsibility on the player to be putting in the time working on good shots with good form.  It is a tough challenge and we hope to see more members each year!