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2024 Umpire Clinic

RAAA Softball is once again partnering with Laurie Dineen, a Minnesota State High School League umpire trainer and NCAA Division III umpire, to host an official USA Softball Umpire Clinic. The clinic is open to anyone 13 years and older (including adults), and prepares participants to umpire 6U, 8U and 10U games in Rockford, earning $65 per night! And because it is an official USA Softball Umpire Clinic, with just a little paperwork and a nominal fee, participants can become an official USA Softball umpire and officiate league games all the way up to the 18U level anywhere in Minnesota, earning up to $48 per game!

RAAA is committed to fostering new umpires for youth softball. Our cadet umpire program continues in 2023, where new league umpires will be assigned as a second umpire in the field, allowing them to learn the ropes with a more experienced umpire. RAAA’s goal is to have two umpires on the field for all league games, ultimately improving the experience for players and fans.

Click below to sign up for the Umpire Clinic!

Then make sure to register to be an umpire with USA Softball here: 

The Registration "2024 Umpire Clinic" is not currently available.

When Is it?

February 19th 

  • 6-8 p.m.

Where is it?

Rockford Community Center Room 805/806
7600 Cty Rd 50
Rockford, MN 55373
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Adults or youth 13 years or older.

Coaches are highly encouraged to attend.  It will strengthen your coaching skills



If you are interested in the USA Softball Cadet program, RAAA softball will pay for your dues.


Comfortable attire to practice umpiring, bring any umpire gear you have.  Also, bring water.


Please direct questions to:

Softball Directors